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Presentation AT 10:00 A.M. on December 13th to Lunenburg Municipal Council

We are making a presentation (we are allowed 15 minutes) on Dec 13th to Lunenburg Municipal Council to express to them our concerns about coastal development. Their mistake in not putting a moratorium on commercial development on NS beaches and coastal communities, and not seeking community feedback!! PLEASE COME OUT AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!

Community/Cherry Hill Beach Stewardship
There is work happening behind the scene to explore the development of a Community/Cherry Hill Beach Stewardship. This is in the very early stages! It will be essential to have a core group of people from the community involved, and the “Community” could include the United Communities, should there be interest.

For those interested in actively becoming involved in this piece, please email

Community consultation

Approximately 100 citizens attended an open forum in Voglers Cove on Oct 7th to voice their questions to Councillor Leitha. Maps were shown of the proposed area. Sally Steele from the Dept of Environment also discussed the status of the proposed Cherry Hill Nature Reserve which has been awaiting ratification since 2021……..

Online Petition
The Online petition, which was started at the beginning of October, now has over 3,000 names from far and wide and from people who cherish the natural unspoiled beauty of the beach and its surrounding area. In addition, we also have hundreds of names of people who signed the written petition. We would encourage everyone to share the petition with friends and families… As you know, if you’re reading this update on the website, we have links to the petition, the facebook page, maps, photos and other information.

Local public awareness
Garden signs have now been placed along Henry Conrad Rd and the beach parking area, and they are popping up along Hwy 331. Through the generous support of some local donors, we were given 50 garden signs to help spread the message. These are available FREE of charge by emailing: We also have a few t-shirts available for purchase.

Site development
There has been no physical excavation to date, and though it has been relatively quiet, it seems the Clarks are still planning on going ahead with the RV PARK. According to the recent Light House Log article, the Clarks now state they are moving the ‘Boutique RV Retreat’ farther away from the beach side of the road. This means it will be up against the two homes that are currently there. Just what they want as neighbours!

Despite some public requests for the Clarks to ally some of the public to provide a visual plan of their proposals, the requests have been met with the continuous stance that it's their private land and they can do what they want, and why should they provide a plan to anyone.

Leatha Haysom has been great at forwarding information to Chief Administrative Officer of Lunenburg County, Tom MacEwan, to impress upon him the number of concerned people. (Keep it up)!!! And Leatha is always sending people's names to us who might be able to help.

On Dec 13, a delegation comprised of local residents and opposers to the development of an RV park will be giving a presentation to the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL) to express concerns about coastal development,MODLs oversight in not putting a moratorium on commercial development on NS beaches and costal communities without community feed back !!

We are asking all that can make it to please put in an appearance. It would be great to fill the shiny new council chambers that we paid for. We will post a time in the near future. It is reprehensible that someone can drop a commercial business into the middle of any community with complete disregard for those who live there, disregard for the local culture that may be effected or destroyed, and disregard for the impact on the local residents in their quality of life and, financially, in the loss of property value.

The Minister of the Environment replied with a form letter thanking us for our concern, and that the developers in question have followed all procedures… blah blah blah!

We're still waiting to hear back from Mike McDonald (Department of Environment) who was to get the survey company to investigate the possibility of a real water drainage issue from Apple Tree Pond to the nature reserve via the RV park land through a culvert under Henry Conrad Road.

It never ends, it seems, as once again a developer wants to put a golf course on Mabou Beach — a beach that is a provincial park. It feels like NS coastal areas are under attack from developers and, sadly, the various levels of government just don’t say "GO AWAY!" This when they should be expanding and protecting the parks and coastal areas so that people from all socioeconomic groups, and not just the few rich, can access them… GRRRRRRR

And a final few words…..
A reminder to those who might think that we are against any development. We are not! We support the right kind of development that respects the nature of the area and the culture of the community it is being placed in.

Longtime residents of the communities, and users of the beach, have already seen marked changes to the beach and its surrounding area over the decades — especially in its popularity. It will continue to evolve.

HELP- We need YOU!
There will be a mail-out to the united communities (maybe farther) asking for continued support to add pressure on the various levels of government and the Clarks.


Wow!! In just a few months, over 5,000 members of the public from all over Canada and the USA have shown their unanimous support for the local residents by signing an online petition that opposes the commercial RV development. PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION


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