A Timeline — What's happened so far

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  1. On Sept 2, 2022 a rumour alerted the neighbourhood that an RV park was planned for a six acre private green space on Henry Conrad road. Two of the neighbours knocked on the door of the would-be developers to clarify the story and were told that their plan for a seasonal RV park with 12 to 15 sites was, indeed, true.
  2. A group of neighbours approached the owners of the land to express their concerns, and the rebuttal was that it was their land and they could do what they wanted.
  3. A group of residents then met and decided to make an offer to purchase the land, but that offer was rejected. A second offer to lease the land was rejected as well.
  4. Subsequently, a community meeting was held on Oct 7, 2022 in Volgers Cove Community Hall where over 100 people listened to four speakers and shared their displeasure at the potential development of an RV park.
  5. An online petition titled Stop RV Park at Cherry Hill Beach was started on change.org where close to 3,000 online signatures have been collected so far. In addition, over 150 comments have been written asking for the halt of this development.
  6. Currently, people from the community are pressing all levels of government to try and stop this development. Any support is welcome.

Wow!! In just a few months, over 5,000 members of the public from all over Canada and the USA have shown their unanimous support for the local residents by signing an online petition that opposes the commercial RV development. PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION


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